China Infographics

Infographics on GCiS' targeted industries based on public statistics.


Main Industries in China's Southwest Region

China's Southwest has historically been caught in an awkward geographical location - being landlocked and having poor access to the conventional trade routes. But with significant investment build up as a result of policies like the Belt and Road Initiative as well as infrastructure improvements like the China-Europe freight route, trade is booming in China's Southwest. Between 2007-2016, the annual import and export value of Chongqing and Sichuan have increased at a compound annual growth rate of 22% and 13% respectively. Beyond trade development, we will look at other aspects of China's Southwest development in this infographic. 


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GCiS applies standard procedures and methodology in both custom market research and multi-client market research reports. We focus on Chemicals and Materials, Power and Energy, Building and Construction, Industrial and Capital Goods, Medical Systems, and Transport.

Wastewater treatment In China

Wastewater treatment In China

Water pollution is just one of the environmental challenges facing China’s policy makers. According to statistics , around 32.5% of China’s 7 major river systems and 29.2% of China’s major basins do not meet the prevailing water quality standards (grade III and below) in 2015. Municipal wastewater treatment is typically undertaken by local governments, especially in the urban areas. Industrial wastewater treatment, on the other hand, is often done in-factory or in centralized treatment facilities located within industrial parks. the graph shows the wastewater treatment volume, capacity and cost.


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