GCiS in Brief 

Since our founding in 1997, GCiS has provided value added analysis and strategic recommendations based upon first-hand field research with a clear focus on China. GCiS, using proprietary research management methods, has for 20 years provided transparent, trustable and actionable research for our Multi-national clients.

GCiS offers both custom research services and publishes a ranges of multi-client studies related to our target industries. GCiS applies its standards and methods to both custom and multi-client research. This ranges from technology to industrial markets, chemicals & materials, power & energy, building & construction, industrial & capital goods, medical systems and transport.

Team and Network

GCiS is cross cultural, being owned and operated by both Western and Chinese Nationals, all with extensive experience in China and international business. GCiS has a team of over 50 researchers and analysts from over 15 provinces, all of whom are trained extensively and give us an extensive field research ability from our three China offices. This team is complemented by a network of over 100 experts from industry, academia and government. The combination represents a distinct competitive advantage. 


Building & Construction

Chemicals & Materials

Industrial and Capital Goods

Medical Systems

Power & Energy



A Client-Focused Project Process

The GCiS approach is based on what our clients need to know, not what is nice to know. In the end, the client needs value added analysis and recommendations that address their key decisions and needs. This must be built upon reliable and original market research information. 

The knowledge compiled must be in-depth and accurate, objectively and in the China context.

Project Management Process

We separate each project into a distinct set of steps with a quality management deliverable due at each step (see the red boxes in the flowchart). This system is used for every project and all team members are trained in it.    

Our offices


2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, PO Box 8502,  Beijing, 100015, PR China