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- China’s Crude Steel Production

Why work with GCiS?
GCiS works with clients on a strategic basis, providing information and analysis on China market based on original field research. We understand the needs and expectations of multi-nationals, and deliver results that are both reliable and applicable.

Industry Focus
GCiS is a business to business research and consulting specialist. This ranges from technology to industrial markets, chemicals, power & energy, construction, capital goods, medical, transport and others. We have world-leading clients in each sector.

Team & Relationships
GCiS has a team of over 50 local researchers and analysts from over 15 provinces, all of whom are trained extensively and give us an extensive field research capability. This team is complemented by a network of over 100 experts from industry, academia, and government. These represent a distinct competitive advantage.

Control Valves (2016)

Photovoltaic Materials (2015)

Commercial Service Robots (2016)

Centrifugal Pumps (2017)

Blowing Agents (2017)

Industrial Fluid Filters (2016)

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