Limited publication studies

Limited publication studies (LPS) make up a series of reports which GCiS publishes on a limited basis, based on data findings uncovered by the company's non-commissioned research department. We sell these to multiple customers; however, the information remains confidential and the reports never go on general release, hence the term "limited publication".

GCiS uses advanced research methods to ensure international quality standards. This includes a combination of engineering expertise, rigorous definitions and transparent calculations, as ensured by GCiS's unique Process Control System; a set of internal deliverables which helps to maintain a consistent, high quality data stream. The Process Control System is inspired by quality control used in the software industry and is has been adapted to suit research in China.

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Uses of LPS

An LPS product is designed to provide strategic information to multiple levels of a company.

Limited Publication Studies
Report Structure

The focus of LPS is ground-level primary research of industrial businesses in China. These are quantitative studies spanning the breadth of an entire market and providing details on multiple segments and types of participant. Main report components include:

    • Total Analysis. Approximately 60 pages including an executive summary, market figures, competitive analysis and channel or end-user analysis. 

Executive Summary. Approximately 20 pages on key findings, trends, drivers and inhibitors, high level market figures, regulations, market entry, expert views, and recommendations.  
Market Figures. Approximately 20 pages on market size by product segment, end-user industries, regions and market growth forecast.
Competitive Analysis. Approximately 15 pages on the suppliers of a target product, including competitive dynamics, structure and details qualitative information. 
Channel / Customer Analysis. Approximately 10 pages on the structure and purchasing habits of either channel partners or customers (depending on which group is most influential).

    • Segment Analysis. Approximately 10 pages per product segment (can be purchased separately) size, shares, region breakdown, industry breakdown, projections, pricing data and qualitative information.  
    • Supplier Profiles. Minimum 20, two-page profiles of the China operations of the key players in a market.         

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