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1. 正规全日制大学本科以上学历,统计学、经济类专业及理工科背景优先;
2. 1年以上工作经验或有市场调研经验或工业品行业销售经验者优先;优秀应届毕业生可适当放宽条件;
3. 有一定英语书面表达能力,获得大学英语四级以上水平;
4. 熟悉计算机操作,熟练使用Word、Excel及PPT,有SPSS或Eviews使用经验者优先;
5. 良好的沟通能力及团队合作精神;
6. 有毅力,能吃苦。

1. 本职位针对有意在咨询研究行业发展的在校三年级以上大学生,实习期不得低于2个月,实习期间需保证 每周5天工作时间
2. 1年以上工作经验,销售工作经验者优先;优秀应届毕业生可适当放宽条件;
3. 英语四级以上者优先;
4. 熟悉计算机操作,熟练使用Word及Excel,中文打字每分钟30字以上;
5. 良好的沟通能力及团队合作精神;
6. 有毅力,能吃苦。


工作时间:9:00-18:30   中午一小时午休,公司提供午餐。



Position: Market Analyst - Full-time

Location: Beijing, Wuhan

We are currently recruiting a full-time Analyst in Beijing whose main roles would be working with raw data to write detailed market studies. As an analyst, you would be expected to work cohesively with the research team to complete projects, extrapolate important trends from the data provided to you, design informative tables/charts and continuously build upon your industry knowledge. Applicants who are intellectually curious will exceed in this position.

The majority of our clients are western multinationals. After a becoming comfortable with the writing/analytic process, Analysts will eventually play an increased role in client interaction and management. We are looking for an individual who can communicate clearly and comfortably in English with mid to high-level contacts at major international companies. This position is only open to applications with both native English and advanced Chinese language proficiencies. 


- Review and analyze market data through Excel functions
- Write / Review / Edit market research studies (.ppt, .doc)
- Communicate with Chinese project manager and research team members
- Give presentations and conduct high-level interviews with foreign managers / executives
- Write / Publish industry magazine articles
- Other tasks such as proposal writing and client management, as required

Key Requirements:

- Bachelor’s degree (minimum), economics, statistics or other technical major is preferred
- Strong analytical skills. No previous work experience is required, although previous writing and/or analysis experience preferred
- Native spoken & written English, proficient in Mandarin Chinese
- Willing to learn; both about economics and product technologies
- Ability to communicate clearly with managers, peers and clients
- Conducts and presents oneself professionally

If you are interested or have any questions, please send your CV in an email to


Position: Contracted Report Writer / Analyst - Part-time

Location: Beijing, Wuhan

Job Description
We are currently looking for a part-time/ freelance report writer / analyst in Beijing and Wuhan. As a contracted writer, your responsibility would be to turn charts and tables provided to you by a senior analyst at the firm into a completed market report. The content of the written content will largely come from extrapolations you discover within the presented graphs, although at the end of the project, you are expected to work closely with the senior analyst and (Chinese) project manager to include valued-added analysis on the studies findings.

Time Requirements
This is a part-time, project-based position. We would require that for the first week of the project to come into the office for at least 2-3 hours a day for 3-4 days; afterwards, coming in 2-3 days a week would be fine. Writing can be done from the office or from your home. The entire report takes less than five weeks to write. Compensation is based on the completion of each report. This is discussed in detail during the interview.

Candidate Requirements
Candidates should have:
- A bachelors degree (current college students also acceptable)
- Strong analytical skills
- Native spoken & written English (Chinese language is a plus but not necessary)
- A willingness to learn and is naturally curious

If you are interested or have any questions, please send your CV in an email to



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