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GCiS specializes in strategic market research in the business to business sector. In this massive segment of the economy, GCiS has focused specifically on several major sectors:

Chemicals and Materials - From raw bulk chemicals to finalized plastics and coatings, GCiS has extensive experience in this important industrial sector.

Power and Energy - From upstream oil and gas exploration, to transport, to refining, to power generation and power equipment, GCiS monitors the different strata of this vital industry closely.

Building and Construction - China's growth model depends heavily on speculative land-prices, real-estate, infrastructure investment and urbanization. As such, the construction industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy and GCiS does much work in related building materials and engineering equipment.

Industrial and Capital Goods - China has been called the world's factory, housing much of the planetsindustrial capacity. Industrial and machinery equipment is the foundation on which this honorary title has been earned. GCiS follows industrial output, and has done work from whole packaging production lines to servo motors used in textile equipment.

Transport - With the quantity of material goods and people flowing into, out of and around China, equipment used in transport methods such as plane, ship, train and vehicles are vital to China. GCiS does significant work with each of these industries, working with ball-bearings in trains to actuators in commercial aircraft.

Medical Systems - A sub-sector specialty for GCiS, medical systems are important for China's expanding and growing healthcare system and healthcare needs.



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